I forwarded this excellent article about magnesium to a client of mine who primarily focuses on magnesium supplements...

The Magic of Magnesium: A Mighty Mineral Essential to Health 

Calcium has received an enormous amount of attention. It's likely that every woman reading this article has been told by her doctor to get enough calcium. If asked what role calcium plays in health, nearly every woman would answer that calcium is necessary for strong bones. But what about magnesium? Did you know that this mighty mineral may be even more essential for health?

Magnesium and calcium work together, but magnesium may actually play a more important role. It controls the entry of calcium into each and every cell--a physiological event that occurs every time a nerve cell fires! When it comes to building healthy bones, magnesium is as important as calcium and vitamin D are! Without adequate magnesium, too much calcium gets inside the cell. This causes cramping and constrictions in ways you might never consider.

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